"Entering into therapy can — and should — make a
significant difference in your life."


We are Blackstone Valley Counseling, a small group of private practice therapists whose mission is to offer experienced, compassionate, and engaging counseling to address difficulties you may be struggling with, including

If you (or your loved one) have been trying without success to cope with emotional pain, relationship issues, or significant stress and anxiety, counseling may provide relief and insight. In your sessions you and your therapist will work to identify and resolve problems (sometimes hidden in plain sight) that may be contributing to negative feelings or difficult relationships, and learn proven skills for coping with distress and relieving psychic pain. Where it seems appropriate, you may focus on noticing and altering relational patterns that are maintaining conflict with mates or family members. When it may be helpful (as with major depression, for example), your therapist can discuss the benefits and side effects of medication, and may refer you to a prescriber if you are so inclined.

To get started, you may wish to review the Insurance and Payment page on this site, then call or email to set up an initial appointment. During the first session you and your therapist will generally complete paperwork, briefly review whatever problem has brought you in, and start getting to know each other. There is no obligation to go further, and you can certainly discuss alternatives if counseling doesn't seem to be the appropriate course of action.

That you are reading this web site means you are considering how you (or someone you care about) can begin to feel and function better. The next step is to make the phone call or send the email, and put your feet on a path of healing.


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