"Our difficulties sometimes come from hanging on to early coping strategies that have outlived their usefulness."

Insurance and Payments

Most clients pay for counseling through their health insurance plans. We collect reimbursement directly from the insurance companies, so generally your out-of-pocket expenses are limited to your deductible and any copayments or coinsurance. These payments are due at each session.

Some definitions which may be helpful:

Please keep in mind that the above are just guidelines. Everyone's policy is different so please consult your plan's documentation or call your insurance company to find out the specifics of your coverage.

On the other hand, some clients choose to pay directly, usually for one of the reasons explained below, or because their insurance benefits don't include counseling, or because you wish to obtain counseling with a particular therapist who doesn't take your insurance. Fees are set by the individual therapist, but tend to range from $100 to $150 per session (more for family or couples counseling). A reduced fee may be available for clients whose resources are limited.

Although insurance plans often make counseling more affordable, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind. Insurance companies require that you be given a diagnosis, for example, which may be uncomfortable for some people and may have other implications, too. Insurance plans may limit the number of sessions or frequency of treatment. Insurance companies are allowed to review your health records, including those kept by your therapist, though that is done only rarely, and usually only to ensure that quality of care is being delivered. And, of course, your insurance company will maintain a file which includes your history of medical and mental health care.

These concerns arise any time a third-party is involved in financing medical care, and are usually well understood and accepted by patients. Mental health care, however, can be a more sensitive area, and may lead to a decision to keep insurance out of the treatment picture.


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